Best Weight Loss Apps for Spring

March is the perfect month to reorganize and re-energize.  Yet the hall closet isn’t the only thing that can benefit from a little TLC and spring cleaning.  The diet and exercise plan that was successful all winter is probably ready for a change; whether a few minor adjustments or a full overhaul, reevaluating regimens can create significant results!  And luckily, there are a few great iPhone® apps on the market to help reach these goals.


Lift, by Lift Worldwide, “provides motivation for any goal with habit tracking, progress visualizations, social support, and more” (  Its sleek, user-friendly interface makes adding reoccurring To-Do’s impressively simple.  But the best feature of this app is that it engages friends, allowing the user to share goals and successes with their peers.  For someone that might benefit from a daily reminder to take multivitamin or workout or eat 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up, this app is a lifesaver that will help establish these healthy living routines.

10K Pro

Running is a crucial exercise for many weight loss plans, and setting a goal to run an organized race—whether a 5K, 10K, half or full marathon—is a common aspiration for many new runners.  The 10K Pro app by XIAO DAN LIN is an excellent iPhone® tool to help prepare and train for the first 10K race.  It establishes a 12 week plan using speed and distance increment training, keeping the user on track (no pun intended) to meeting their running goal.


A healthy diet and nutrition plan is key to refreshing an outdated and tired weight loss effort.  Foods lose their excitement, go-to recipes taste drab and it can become harder and harder to keep a diet plan interesting.  AnyList by Purple Cover, Inc. is a fun new twist on the traditional grocery list apps.  For starters, it’s a “smart” list that can be shared with a spouse, roommates or family members and additions and changes to the list show up immediately on everyone’s iPhone®.  New foods can be added and subtracted to keep everyone happy, and they can also help monitor healthy eating decisions.

Weight Snap

And of course, our favorite iPhone App (any time of year) is the fastest, most convenient Food Diary app in the App Store, Weight Snap.   Stop wasting time with calorie counting and cut straight to a more realistic diet tracking approach.  This photo food diary gives you insights into your food intake while simultaneously functioning as a repository for your body measurements.  Just snap everything your eat and rate it.   Then and input your body measurements (weight, body fat %, waist size, etc) on a regular basis.  Track your progress via easy to read graphs, email your food pictures, and watch your BMI drop to a healthy level.

With the summer months fast approaching, it can be hard to stay focused and keep fighting for diet and weight loss goals.  But the smartphone really is an exceptional tool to help in planning, tracking and maintaining even the most basic of goals.  Writing goals down and sharing them with friends and family challenges dieters to be accountable for their actions, and allows peers to offer encouragement!