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Our Latest Top Five Diet Tips

As diet enthusiasts, we often get asked “What are the most important things I can do to lose weight?”  It’s a fair question.  And while we believe that no single diet or fitness plan works for everyone, there are several fundamental concepts that comprise the foundation of most programs.  Through our research we’ve settled on… […]

Ho Ho How to Survive the Holidays on a Diet

Lights, trees, menorahs, snowmen and lots and lots of decadent treats and festive parties.  It’s that time of year again and the holiday season is, without a doubt, the most challenging time for dieters.  Regardless of culture, location on the globe or holiday celebrated, most people rejoice by breaking bread with friends and family.  And […]

How a Food Diary App Helps Food Allergies

Over 15 million Americans suffer from food allergies.  While many allergies were initially associated with childhood onset, more and more people struggle with allergies throughout their lives and the overall prevalence of allergies is on the rise.  A great challenge people face is knowing what is safe for them to eat and what isn’t.  Most […]

How to Overcome the Weight Loss Plateau

Professionals see it all the time: Someone sets a goal, changes their eating habits, starts working out and increasing their overall activity level, drinks more water and gets more sleep… Suddenly the pounds start coming off.  It’s exciting, it’s relieving …but then it stops abruptly and the scale refuses to budge.  Chances are most people […]

Cheating on your Diet… Is it the New Fidelity?

Hopefully cheating doesn’t play a part in your interpersonal relationships, but does it have a place in your weight loss plan? Whether you’re considering a weekly cheat meal or a full day of gluttonous bliss, many eating plans tout breaking your diet once a week. But what are the benefits, if any, to derailing your […]

To Drink or Not to Drink

One of the most common questions surrounding weight loss is “Do I have to stop drinking alcohol to lose weight?”  For many, forgoing fast food, ignoring the candy bowl at work, and switching from a side of potato chips to a side of steamed veggies seems simple.  But what about the occasional cocktail on a […]

Diet or Exercise?

Losing weight is simple. All you need to do is eat right and stay active…  Success can be obtained by making a few small changes to your lifestyle, like cutting down on your bad carbohydrates, lifting weights, eating fruits and vegetables, performing cardio exercises, drinking water, avoiding refined sugars, and… Okay, so maybe weight loss […]

Which iPhone App?

The Weight Snap iPhone app was created in response to a rapidly growing movement in weight loss: the Photo Food Diary.  Sure, most dieters have heard of calorie counting and logging foods in order to keep track of the amount of food they consume, but a photo diary is a newer twist on this concept.  […]

The Diet Fight: Future Self vs. Current Self

How to Stay Connected to Your soon-to-be Healthy Body! So you’ve started a weight loss program. Whether you’re looking to achieve a specific goal or just tired of looking at your current figure in the mirror, you’re embarking on a change.  Here’s the intrinsic challenge, a healthy physical change takes time and a healthy body […]

Going Gaga for Gluten-Free

Some of the most curious fad diets include those that originated from genuine food allergies, and going gluten-free is no exception.  Gluten is a protein found in the grains of wheat, rye and barley.  It is naturally occurring in foods and is a popular additive in food today.  While many people have suffered allergies for […]