Top Five Grocery iOS Apps for Weight Loss

Grocery shopping isn’t what it used to be.  Consumers are faced with millions of products on their supermarket shelves and new options are being introduced every day, creating a shopping nightmare for consumers and especially weight loss enthusiasts.  Luckily, there are almost as many grocery shopping apps available on the App Store as there are products on the shelves (insert sarcasm here).  Some of these tools are incredibly helpful but others are nothing more than a waste of iPhone space.  The following 5 tools offer great functionality, impressive list options and diet/weight loss benefits, but most importantly, they help shoppers navigate the sea of healthy and not-so-healthy food options on the shelves.

  1. ShopWell (): The Healthy Diet & Grocery Food Scanner is one of the best.  Users can scan barcodes to receive detailed nutrition information oBest Diet Appsn their foods and follow their specific diet needs.  The app is also great for those suffering from food allergies (such as gluten or lactose) because the tool can flag these ingredients as well.
  2. Fooducate (): The Healthy Food Diet & Nutrition Scanner is another tool based primarily off of barcode scans.  The app delivers a grade, nutrition breakdown and pros & cons of each food scanned right on the iPhone®.  A neat added feature is that the tool offers healthier alternatives if the user scans an item that receives a low grade.
  3. Consmr Reviews (): This is a great option for users looking for information on non-consumables as well.  In addition to foods, home care, beauty, kids & baby and other products can be scanned into the app for feedback on product ratings and reviews.
  4. Shop Ethical! 2012 (): This app is perfect for the world-conscious shopper.  It allows the user to quickly access environmental and social records of companies and common brands to be fully informed before purchasing a product.  It’s user-friendly and great to use while shopping.
  5. True Food (): This iOS app is perfect for the genetically modified-conscious.  The tool was created by the Center for Food and Safety and offers a Shoppers Guide for users interested in avoiding GMO products.