Fit Your Skinny Jeans

A perfect figure, a healthy physique… we all crave it. Those who are fit, want to stay fit.  Those who are stretching their jeans are looking to lose a few pounds.  One of the biggest obstacles in the path to weight loss is poor food decisions on a regular basis.  A good and healthy diet is the basic requirement for a healthy and fit body.  Still we struggle to consistently maintain a healthy and nutritious diet. Is there anything that makes the job of maintaining a healthy diet an easy and long term process?

Well, here’s an idea…  See everything you eat!  “See” the food you eat to “know” the food you eat.  Maintain a photo diary of your meals and snacks and lose weight in a more informed manner.

Calorie counting is a time consuming, difficult and often boring activity and is usually abandoned after the initial days of enthusiasm. On the other hand keeping a photo diary of the meals taken is a very quick and interesting way to remember the kind of food consumed.

To make matters easier, an iPhone can be used to take pictures of meals. The same pictures can be send to friends to ask for their views on the food being taken. This method helps you to feel proud of the right food choices being made. In-case you give in to your cravings and take a calorie rich dish, a photo diary of the same along with the fact that even friends know about the little binge eating done by you, will ultimately dissuade you to have another round of binge eating.

Telling a lie to yourself is easy, but if there is photographic record of meals in the mix with your prior ratings, it becomes really difficult to fool the mind and grab another slice of pie.