Our Latest Top Five Diet Tips

As diet enthusiasts, we often get asked “What are the most important things I can do to lose weight?”  It’s a fair question.  And while we believe that no single diet or fitness plan works for everyone, there are several fundamental concepts that comprise the foundation of most programs.  Through our research we’ve settled on…

The Top 5 Tricks that Matter Most

1.   Portion Control – Regardless of the recommended foods on your diet plan, how much you eat is just as important as what you eat.  This is especially true when eating out because most restaurants serve larger than life portions at each course (think about the full loaf of bread or the dinner-sized starter salad).  According to the Center for Disease Control ( successful dieting rests largely on the amount of food you’re consuming at each sitting, so pay attention to serving sizes and nutrition facts.Top5small

2.   Self Awareness – When it comes to making a big change in your lifestyle, you are your own worst enemy.  Most likely you’re embarking on this journey of health because you’re dissatisfied with one or more aspects of your body.  Take the time to figure out how you got here and commit to making the necessary changes.

3.   Drinking Calories – Sugary beverages are often a large source of calorie intake, and likewise, eliminating them can be the easiest way to cut unnecessary calories from your plan.  Learn to love water, black coffee and tea “sweetened” with lemon.  It’s an easy way to cut calories without going hungry, plus staying hydrated with water only increases the speed of weight loss.

4.   Set Yourself Up for Success – If you can’t avoid the cookies in your cupboard, don’t buy them.  Can’t keep yourself from ordering the Alfredo at your favorite Italian restaurant?  Don’t go to it.  Success comes with a lot of hard work and dedication, so why not make it easier on yourself (and your sanity) by surrounding yourself with healthy food options.  Filling your grocery cart with the right foods and avoiding trigger restaurants are the smartest steps you can take to staying on the right track.

5.   Move – Many people love the gym while others find the very thought of it terrifying or intimidating.  The gym doesn’t have to be your end all be all to increasing your activity level.  Commit to moving more; whether it’s walking your dog for 30 minutes each morning, taking the stairs everywhere you go or joining a sporting league in your neighborhood.  Sure, there’s value in most gym memberships or fitness classes, but if it isn’t your thing you probably won’t end up going.  Commit to an activity that fits your personality and your lifestyle and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to stick with it.